1st Online Conference on Society, Health and Economics



This Online Conference on Society, Health and Economics is organized by COST ACTION 16227 and IMAAC NEXT.  

Health economics has emerged as a distinct and successful field in economics-a large community of researchers bringing theoretical and empirical insights

This conference will be the first Pilot Online conference to create a regular program for Conferences in different scientific areas

The meeting will have the capacity for 100 attendees and more than 20 trainers.

To join the Conference as Attendee or Speaker, please write an email confirming your interest to info@imaac.eu, before 31st of March 2021.

Peyman Ghaffari
Chair & Co-Founder
Theoretical Physics
Virginia Sanz Sánchez
Secraty & Co-Founder
Entrepreneur and Enthusiastic Innovator
Ana Marija Grancaric
Textile Engineer
Jose Carlos Tiago de Oliveira
Retired Professor of Evora University

The Chair of COST Action 16227 and IMAAC Next will provide a brief introduction on the importance of the conference. 

Miracle will give a short presentation on the effects of Malaria and other Vector Borne Diseases on the Society and Economics of Nigeria

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